awakeningwhiteonblackBy Mike George

The accurate word for this, the most common mistake we all learn to make within our consciousness, is ‘attachment’. When we lose our self ‘in’ what we create in our own mind, that’s attachment. Then, when something happens to what we are attached to, it ‘feels’ like it’s happening to ‘me’. It’s obviously not. But we will imagine it anyway!

This also signifies that we are building our sense of self, our sense of who ‘I am’, out of ideas and images in our mind.  But you are not an idea or an image. You are you, the one who creates ideas and images.

The secret of stepping back into your freedom is the practice of being the observer of what’s passing across the screen of your mind. Just ‘watching’ what arises, as if you are in the cinema watching a movie, but not losing your awareness that you are in a cinema and this is just a movie. It’s just a fictional story playing out on the screen in front of you.

The more frequently you practice this awareness within your consciousness the faster you are able ‘pull your self’ out of your habitual thought stories. You increasingly notice they are just stories, figments of your imagination. Eventually you naturally stop creating and running them.

This also describes the process of the first steps in many approaches to the practice of meditation. Sit on the seat of your awareness like that seat in the auditorium.  Become aware of everything around you within your consciousness, without being drawn to one thing in particular. Become aware there is you and there are your thoughts. There are images and ideas arising and passing.  Just watch them come to pass. Notice when you lose this awareness and when allow your self to be sucked into the story. Then come out.  Restore your awareness of being the watcher of the story.

As you practice this you will start to notice a feeling of calm as the story loses its power over you.  But you won’t ‘think’ this. You will feel deeply peaceful. But you don’t ‘think’, “Aha now I am peaceful”. You will feel like you are the master ‘in here’. But you don’t ‘think’, “I am now the master”. Thoughts are no longer necessary as you allow these deeper ‘inside out’ feelings to take centre stage.

Then, as you bring that practice into the dynamic of day-to-day situations and relationships you will gradually and naturally create less emotional reactions. You will not create and feel such intense emotions and the emotions of your stress, like irritation (anger) and anxiety (fear), will gradually subside.

As you stop creating and running stories in your mind you use less energy within your consciousness. You feel less tired. You feel freer and clearer within your self.  When thinking is required in your interactions within daily life your thoughts will then emerge clearly and naturally ‘out of’ your feelings instead of the other way round.

But don’t believe me!  See, experiment, explore and ‘feel’ for your self.

The reality of the free spirit awaits.

Question:  Identify three stories you habitually create and run in your mind about or towards others.

Reflection:  What are the two most frequent emotions that you create and feel during your average day?  What are you attached to that is triggering these emotions?

Action:  Practice consciously ‘just watching’ what arises in your mind 3 times for five minutes every day this week.

Submitted by Brahma Kumaris Vancouver 
3467 Monmouth Ave Vancouver B.C