awakeningwhiteonblackUnfortunately, most of us learn to misunderstand our feelings, which means we attribute our feelings to other people and the world.  Why, because no one teaches us this level of awareness. Besides, it’s easier to project onto others. So we are trapped in an illusion that it’s ‘them’. This then becomes a recurring theme in our mental movies.  Just like the Hollywood versions! From that illusion comes the various behaviours of the unfree individual like blaming, controlling, criticising and complaining. We are not able to recognise that we have a choice as to what we will feel at all times.

This is also why many methods, techniques and processes of self-development and self-improvement only have a limited and/or short-lived effect. As long as we believe other people and the world are responsible for what we feel we are not free enough within our self to be the master of the inner world of our …feelings!

Only when you start noticing how you are running those stories across the screen of your mind are you ‘on your way free’. You will see how you keep re-running them as his-stories, like TV programme repeats, over and over again, creating almost the same feelings each time. Only when you recognise you are becoming ‘trapped in’ your stories, your creation, and suffering as a result, will you hear freedom calling you!

Evidence of the Unfree

The so-called terrorist is a just a very frightened being who believes other people and the world has made their feelings of fear and anger. So they suffer and attribute their suffering to others.  Then they want to get their revenge and make others feel the same. They get to practice on a few video games and then some will step out into the reality of public life, vent their anger, and enact what they believe is their revenge. They have not yet realised they are trapped in a story for which they are responsible in their own minds. They have not yet realized they make themselves suffer.

The freedom fighter is trapped in a mental story of their unfreeness based on the belief that someone else is responsible for their feelings of being …trapped! Little do they realize and understand that their sense of freedom is only restored when they stop running their mental movie called Fighting My Way to Freedom!

The business person is frightened that their competitor will get to the marketplace first and be more successful. They create a story in their mind of likely failure. They lose themselves in that story. They lose their freedom of spirit. They make themselves suffer with feelings of stress and pressure. They begin to employ questionable business practices in order to avoid the ‘imagined’ outcome of their own fictional story of failure, loss and poverty.

Most parents are not free. They are trapped in the story they create of their relationship with their children. They worry. They ‘imagine’ what might happen. They create a mental movie with their imagination. Then run the movie in their minds and make themselves suffer. Trapped in such stories they are not free spirits. Their children then learn to do the same. By doing so they believe that by creating ‘worry stories’ they are caring. But fear isn’t care.

Submitted by Brahma Kumaris Vancouver 
3467 Monmouth Ave Vancouver B.C