Knock Knock!

Expect the unexpected. Advice like this should well have been heeded by a couple relocating to a secluded paradise in The Intruder. Beware what you wish for as paradise found becomes paradise lost in this minor horror fix from Sony Pictures now unraveling at select Cineplex cites and Landmark Theatres in British Columbia.
Success can be good. Or bad. Life in The Big city has a way of sneaking up on you. So, a young couple from San Francisco decide to relocate to California’s Napa Valley. This wine region is where Charley lives, and the city slickers decide to purchase his old house. Suitably creepy is Dennis Quaid whose aw shucks good old fatherly charm seems headed on a collision course with Michael Ealy and Meagan Good.
Once settled in strange things inside the house begin to occur and tensions rise. Good acting and a foreboding sense of paranoia sets in as somehow, we see the house’s former owner doesn’t seem to want to let go. Improbable and not that new a story The Intruder serves up some tame thrills but nothing that ground moving or ground-breaking or that matter.