Out of sight out of mind. It’s all a game of control when a woman seems on the verge of insanity in the immensely appealing The Invisible Man. Horror/suspense master Universal Studios hits all the right notes in this superb revisualization of the 1940s classic. Embrace all the danger of this eye-opener at Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across B.C.
Relationships at the best of times can be tricky. Take the case of Cecilia Kass for instance
Wanting to break free of a rather claustrophobic liaison to mystery lover Adrian Griffin Elizabeth Moss turns in just a harrowing performance as a maligned woman. Contrast her paranoia to the hidden danger presented by Oliver Jackson-Cohen in the best mad evil scientist mould imaginable. Oh, and all that hocus locus centers around a degree of invisibility that further solidifies the tension and terror that sets in. Once  set free of a sordid sort of entrapment our damsel is distress must come to terms with her own perception that her former lover/abuser is still on the loose, in the  game and most unsettling of all in her mind.
Gripping from start to finish The Invisible Man is spine-tingling entertainment that never lets up.