Double Vision!

Film festivals come and go. So do good films. Bad ones too. Now and then a foreign film comes out that captures the imagination. That’s when Hollywood guns come a calling in efforts to “Americanize” such efforts. Rare If ever do they succeed. Look for a savvy studio to try to “copy” the wonder found In The Invisible Witness. From Italy with Love comes this dynamic suspense-laden thriller. Here as part of the VanCity Theatre’s Italian film Festival this is truly a must-see film if you like thinking dramas. While the current dark crime caper whodunnit Knives Out is making waves if you want to see how the Europeans do it be sure to catch this impressive foreign flick.
Made in Italian with English subtitles that don’t for an instant district here we have that typical tale of star-crossed Lovers. Be careful what you wish for as that on the surface “harmless” fling can lead to a few bumps down the road. Only here those bedmates turn to dead mates.
To coin a classic Beatles tune from the mid 60s money can’t buy you love. Just ask Amazon head honcho Jeff Bezos to verify that saying. Keeping with that high tech bent lead character Adriano Doria is an up and comer. Riccardo Scamarcio aces his role as a scammy cad. Blessed with vision and success the happily married family man likes the ladies. When a murder accidentally comes between them a series of hard to believe events unravel that keeps you on edge throughout this 102 minute escapade.
High level courtroom intrigue outside the halls of justice ensues as a mystery witness may have the goods on this philandering  potential psychopath. Or maybe not. Smart and stylish director Stefano Mordini creates here a film with great atmosphere and intense emotion. Sparkling performances and engaging cinematography of the enchanting Italian countryside inflame the passions that come to a boiling point in this you ever know who they are classic.