(PG) *****

Dressed to Kill!

Clothes make the man. And women too. Get swept away in a delicious film noire crime tale In the highly entertaining The Outfit. Once in a while a small film can catch on with audiences. This new release from Touchwood PR fires on all cylinders. For a change see how good a well written movie can be. Check out this gem at select Cineplex Cinemas such as The Fifth Cinema and the International Village Cinemas and Landmark Theatres around B.C.
Funny how the past can catch up on you. See what happens when a Mild mannered Englishman leaves the land of Beatles and Bond to plant new roots in of all places Chicago. Leonard is an ace tailor and opens a bespoke men’s store in rough and tough Chicago back in 1956 when this story takes place. Mild mannered Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) is outstanding as the soft spoken cutter who has a way with words and stitching fine men’s clothes.
Known to one and all as English Leonard enjoys a rather interesting clientele including your typical neighborhood tough guys . Alongside his assistant played by Zooey Deutsch the pair and business seem To be doing fine. An, but there’s more going on here than meets the eye. A lot more.
Somehow Leonard finds himself centre stage as his store becomes ground zero for all kinds of sordid gangland heroics. Full of unbelievable tension and suspense The Outfit is a classic case of survival through brains not brawn. Superb all around casting and a script with so many twists and turns you will be totally immersed in this life of deception makes The Outfit easily one of the best films in years. Without question.