• The ability to expand and accept the present ideas and desires of others. Just as the ocean accepts all types of rivers that flow into it, whether polluted or clean, I am able to adjust myself and accommodate all that is happening around me.
• Essential in relationships to understand, respect and blend in with personalities and different types of individuals.
• Accepting and going with some else’s flow, working with other’s ideas.
• Become a world transformer by giving cooperation to souls.
• Power to absorb others weakness as well as goodness.
Often when we have to adjust to a person or a situation, we experience many negative thoughts. We find it difficult and tend to feel we are making this adjustment only for the other person’s benefit.
To adjust means to understand that nothing can be done to change a situation – it is more sensible to accept it. I adjust not because it will benefit others, but because I will benefit in the long run. This is like crossing a physical obstacle; I cannot remove it so I have to find a way around it if I am to progress.
How do you know you are Accommodating?
• The result of the power to accommodate is a deep contentment, happiness.
Questions to ask ourselves?
• How flexible am I?
• How well do I listen?
• What does respect mean to me?
• Flexibility brings the ability to accommodate, just like the little straw that doesn’t break but bends in the storm. It is flexible, but strong and therefore rises again when the storm is over.
• Openness allows me to move the boundaries of comfort zones wider, to move the edges of limitation into un-limitedness.
• Listening & Acceptance of people and situations as they are.
• Merciful is the quality that sees behind expression to the need that is inside.
• Gentleness is one who is gentle sees, understands, adjusts but never interferes. Gentleness is not a lack of strength but a quality, which doesn’t disturb, doesn’t push, yet knows its power and can provide shelter.
• Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited (evoke/draw out) by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
Respect is very cooling, because it values space, knows that though love brings the balance, everyone needs time, a pause, a chance to breathe quietly, alone. It stops you going too close too quickly, and it lets people grow in their own time.
It is as fruitful to respect things as it is to respect people. To respect things has its origin in respecting the body – with all its strengths and weaknesses. To approach with the same balance – neither selling beauty nor ridiculing ugliness, neither advertising health nor indulging pain. The middle way is like standing in the doorway, touching nothing. It means you can live easily.
Be open to the ideas, desires, actions and presence of others while staying true to your authentic self.
By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver
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