(PG) ****

Danger Zone!

Danger is in the air when a man gets caught up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Adventure enthusiasts will be spellbound by the survival of the fittest theme running throughout The Prey. Fresh fodder for the Adrenalin seeking crowd this action driven saga is available through video on demand. Let your fingers do the walking by reaching out to your Favourite internet provider or cable company to view this shocker. Do not worry that this film is Made in Chinese with English subtitles. The action more than makes up for this very minor inconvenience and doesn’t take anything away from the impact of this ninety-minute journey.
Remember Rambo? This is the film that helped make Sylvester Stallone an even bigger global icon. Fast forward a few years to see what evil confronts an innocent man just trying to do his job. Young Xin is a Chinese cop on assignment who mysteriously gets picked up during a botched mission and gets rather unceremoniously deployed to a secluded jail. Baby-faced Gu Shangwei must contend with all sorts of indignities at the prison courtesy of a sadistic warden. Brute force is in the make-up of this so-called jailer and through the presence of Vithaya Pansringarm you can sense the depravity of the situation Xi finds himself in.
Even more ominous are the conditions these prisoners find themselves in When a select number get caught in the middle of a deadly hunt with them as the prey. No one In Their right mind would give these convicts any change against the big-powered weaponry of a skilled group of hunters looking to bag the ultimate game. Keen cinema fans will know this theme for a film has been done before. Director Jimmy Henderson has outdone himself here by choreographing immensely entertaining chase through the jungles with devastating and deadly results. How proud John Rambo would be if the survivalist skills employed to keep the game going.
Breathtakingly beautiful cinematographer if Mother Nature at its finest collides with tremendous tension and over the top well executed violence to turn The Prey into heart-stopping entertainment,
Believe it or not this film was made in 2018 and only now is seeing the light of day. Some movies are worth the wait. Hello No Time To Die. The Prey turns out to be a robust thriller and an obvious guilty pleasure. It will make you think twice of going into the great outdoors again.