Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Continuing my series on Facebook marketing, here are some quick and easy ways to kick Facebook marketing into gear.

Facebook is a gigantic online marketing machine! Not only because it allows businesses to establish an active, engaging presence on the Facebook platform, but also because it provides them with all the necessary tools that will allow them to accomplish basically any business goal.

Regardless of whether your business sells in person, online or through an app, there’s over 2 billion people just waiting to learn more about your business on Facebook. And now it’s easier than it has ever been.

Using Facebook to market your “stuff” will help you to find new customers and build lasting relationships with them faster and more efficiently thanks to the variety of business-oriented tools that are part of Facebook.

Let’s look at 5 of them:

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are what will allow your business to establish a unique presence on the platform. This will help people to find your business, to learn more about it, and to engage with it in a personal and very meaningful way.

Facebook Ads

More than 1 billion people use Facebook every day, so it would be pretty time consuming and difficult to reach the ones that might be looking for your product or service on your own. The good news is that Facebook allows you to run advertisements on its platform to promote your business through its own ad platform.


The Facebook messenger is not only designed to let you chat with your Facebook friends. It is also a powerful marketing tool that will allow you to automate responses and to create messenger bots that can serve your customers even when you are away!


Instagram is by far the most popular visual discovery platform for social users, and Facebook has integrated it into its own advertising network. On Instagram you will be able to tell your business’ story, and to inspire action by showcasing your products in ways that no other platform allows.

 Audience Network

You don’t have to limit your ads’ exposure to people on Facebook or Instagram. Take it a step further by engaging with your audience network and extend your advertising reach into mobile apps and partner websites.

Your Take Away

As you can see, Facebook is not a simple platform for exposure, but a complete, multi-channel marketing platform that allows you to execute several types of marketing activities, including brand building, native advertising, and automated customer service.

And the list goes on and on and on! Call us and we’ll help you to unlock your Facebook marketing potential.

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