(PG) **

Sacred Vows!

Some say religion is the root of all evil. After all countless wars have been fought over Gods of all kinds. Prepare to do lots of soul searching with the release of The Righteous. Offbeat and full of fine performances this low voltage horror thriller from Vortex Media scores well on the creep and creaky index. See it in B.C. in the comfort of your home or that of a friend thanks to Red Eye Media. See lots of soul searching by ordering this enticing thriller on line video on demand by contacting our local cable company, internet provider or
Tragedy and revenge come in many forms. That black and white bleak atmosphere perfectly shrouds the clod under which Frederic Mason survives. Thanks to stark bland make-up original Mission Impossible baddie Henry Czerny
is at wits ends. So would you if your child was left dead. By far the worst feeling a parent has is outliving their child.
Torn apart by this horrific event Frederic and loving wife Edith played by Mimi Kuzyk do their best to survive with a little help from their friends. The two “retreat” to their desolate ranch like home way out in the wilderness. Strange things begin to occur to the pair as a few rather unwelcome guests arrive on the scene . Of prime importance is the totally unexpected stranger named Aaron Smith. Jack of all trades and man of many faces Mark O’Brien ratchets up the creep level in a restrained role as the troubled man who somehow knows a thing or two about his new temporary landlords.
Brave face to face one on one exchanges between Frederic and Aaron unearth a Pandora’s Box of problems as we delve deep into the background and disjointed life of Frederic. Yes, that day of reckoning is well on its way as a man of God takes on a man of the cloth in this well thought out and executed take of a man at a crossroads in his life and that day of reckoning for past actions.
Both atmosphere and performances are typically vital to lure viewers in and director/writer O’Brien delivers a telling tale of the goodness and badness in people in quite a penetrating way.