Whatever your role in the wide world of business marketing – from small business owner to advertising department intern – chances are you’re aware of the concept of writing and maintaining a business blog.

Bob Milliken

The internet is littered with blogs written by all types of people; the stay-at- home mom looking to share her daily experiences, the film student blogging his way through his documentary-making assignments, to the business CEO seeking a way to connect with his clients. Blogging is a trend that is here to stay, and that can benefit your business in many ways when executed correctly.

Why start a business blog? The short answer to this question is that a well-written, interesting blog can be a simple, easy platform with which you can connect with your clients and share information with the public. Studies show that businesses who maintain blogs typically experience a bump in sales and bring in new customers who otherwise would not have heard about the company!

A blog gives your company a voice! Through blog posts, you can talk freely with your customers about new products, services you offer, trends in your industry and other information pertinent to the community, readership and customer base that you serve. Additionally, a well-written blog allows you the opportunity to be viewed as an expert in your field, generates traffic to your business website, and provides you with an opportunity to build a sense of connection and community with your customers.

When it comes to efficient, easy ways to share information with your customers, a blog is, hands down, the best way to maintain an active conversation with existing and potential clients alike! Your company’s blog is by far your most powerful way to share your voice and online presence with readers – making you a source of written content and information they trust and depend upon for needs related to your specific industry. Consider options such as how-to articles, industry-specific news reports, stories of customers’ specific experiences with your product or services, and opinion pieces that encourage commentary from your customers.

It’s amazing but true, businesses typically find that readers from across the world are viewing their content, and who, in turn, are visiting their website and even ordering their products! The bottom line is, producing quality blog posts that are specific to your industry and appropriately dense in keyword-targeted content is a fast, consistent way to bring new readers to your blog, and to turn those readers into repeat customers.

Your Take away

Congratulations! You’ve completed the first step in your journey to creating a dynamic, exciting, informative blog for your business. Need help getting started? Call us, we’d love to help you!

Bob Milliken is a master marketer specializing in helping businesses achieve outrageous levels of success. Bob can be reached by phone at 604.270.1730 or by email at thenaughtymarketer@rfmholdings.com