Bob Milliken

In my last article in this blog series, I introduced you to three blog-hosting sites. By way of review I’ll remind you that there are many blog hosting sites out there, but I suggested that these three will get you started;

  1. Blogger – Blogger is a blog-hosting interface owned by Google
  2. WordPress – WordPress is praised by its users for being versatile, easy to customize, and excellent in the area of search engine optimization.
  3. Tumbler – Tumbler is more of a “micro-blogging” platform.

Moving on, today I want to cover 5 key points you should consider when choosing where you are going to host your blog.

  1. Make sure that your host site has enough web space to support your blogging needs. Consider the number of pictures you will use on your blog, as well as how often you will post sound files, video clips, animated images, etc. In addition to making sure your blog isn’t slow to load in the beginning, this tip is also important so that there is space to expand as your blog begins to grow over time.
  2. In the same vein, be sure to check file size and type limitations. Be sure that your needs are covered by making sure you are able to upload the types of files you want (i.e. gif, jpeg, pdf) and that there are reasonable limits on the sizes of the files you are permitted to upload to your blog.
  3. Spend time reading reviews from other bloggers. Explore what other blog writers in similar fields have to say about the blog hosts you are considering.
  4. Stick with With the large amount of free blog-hosting sites that are widely used today, paid sites such as SquareSpace or Typepad are most likely unnecessary for your blogging needs. Avoid committing to hosting sites that charge a monthly fee unless you are absolutely sure that one of the free alternatives will not work for your business.
  5. Customer Take a moment to look into how customer service issues are handled within the blog-hosting company you are considering. Are representatives available to answer questions or help with problems that arise? During what hours is customer service provided? How quickly does the service respond to questions and concerns?

Your Take Away

Keep these points in mind when you chose where to host your blog. Will it be free or $$$$? That’s for you to decide. This is usually determined by what your blog’s focus is and whether you plan to monetize your blog or not. Need help getting started? Call us, we’d love to help!

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