Surrey: Automotive industry experts, automotive dealers and business owners working in the Automotive Industry attended the 1st Automotive Industry Reception on March 10. It was hosted by the Surrey Board of Trade in partnership with SW Media Group, publisher of Auto Trends Weekly. Double D Auto Services was the supporting sponsor for the event.
Veeno Dewan, editor of the Auto Trends Weekly said, “There are many car dealerships out there, and an individual can choose to buy their car from any of them. If you want your dealership to be the chosen over the competition, then you must go above and beyond the other dealers. We make sure we know and deliver to your target market, create an effective message that will draw them to your store, and then deliver on that message.”
Speaking at the event, Anita Huberman, CEO of Surrey Board of Trade said, “The Canadian automotive industry produces light duty vehicles — cars, vans, pickup trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, transit buses, school buses, military vehicles; and a wide range of parts, components, and systems used in vehicles of this nature. To complement their manufacturing activities, the industry boasts a well-developed vehicle dealer network, plus an aftermarket organization, which has grown into a world-class distribution system and service provider.
The Canadian automotive industry is: Integrated into NAFTA (i.e. Canada, U.S., Mexico), globally competitive, the eighth largest in the world with positive trade balance and a major contributor to the Canadian economy, and employs over half a million people.”
She added, “the Surrey Board of Trade’s strategic priority is to focus on working with you to develop advocacy initiatives that help our automotive industry.”