Bon Voyage! 

(G) ***

People longing for travel are out of luck. Thanks to the new CoronaVirus folks are in a holding pattern as it looks like international travel will be side-lined till at least the end of the year and when air travel resumes look for a likely doubling of ticket prices. Ouch! Those still yearning for an exotic vacation can enjoy the next best thing thanks to Elevation Pictures. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy In the comfort of your home the new movie The Trip To Greece. Originally set to open in movie theatres you can now order this fun little movie by contacting your friendly cable company or internet provider.
Folksy and charming is this Michael Winterbottom festival of the senses. Here we have two utterly charming British comics as they reunite to go on a foodie trip to Greece. Expect and receive gorgeous Scenery as our two hosts with the most descend on some out of the way dining establishments to cook up some delicious local cuisine all the time backdropped by drop dead gorgeous Grecian vistas accompanied by some hilarious cultural dialogue full of history with flavor.
Leave it to comic gems Steve Coogan and Rod Brydon to be terrific tour guides. They sure are the hosts with the mosts and their perfectly timed exchanges are to die for laced with comic appeal. This is the fourth In their trip series and it is still fresh and
Where the two are at their best is when they let loose with their impressions of famous people. Among the celebrities skewered this time out in a kind way are Marlon Brando and good old Arnold. Sharp witted writing and lovely scenery makes The Trip to Greece well worth ordering for your home viewing pleasure.

By Shirl Hollenberg