Vancouver: Striving to establish and improve the early detection of pancreatic cancer, the Brian Jessel BMW Cabriolet Gala commemorates this pioneering field’s resolution and commitment to research, community activation and advocacy. Being Vancouver’s signature charity event, the Cabriolet Gala has since 2004, raised over $2M in support of pancreatic cancer and other worthwhile charities. Mr. Jessel’s undertaking to pancreatic cancer research and funding became his only charity of choice, after Bernie Jessel, Brian’s father, passed from the disease in 2010.
Through the funding and assistance of our sponsor’s caring passion and creative teamwork, the Cabriolet Gala has accomplished its mission of raising awareness and aiding families over the years.

Brian Jessel, President, Jim Murrey, Managing Director of Brian Jessel BMW and their team, and the volunteer committee have again led through their example and innovative program. Marking the 15th year for Cabriolet, this year’s pandemic challenge and the cancelation of the Gala encouraged the company into going the extra mile, thoroughly approaching the event from a virtual perspective. Despite this year’s unforeseeable yet remarkable transformation of our understanding and take on compassion and unity, the 2020’s Gala successfully raised $130,000 in support of pancreatic cancer while effectively adhering to current public health responsibilities.

By continuing to provide this annual fundraiser, the Cabriolet Gala consolidates their collective vision and determination to keep fighting the fight against pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic Cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, with a five-year survival rate, and less than 2% of government cancer funding. There is no means to detect it, and no known treatment to make a difference quick enough. Join us in continuing to advance the investigation and discovery of better treatment for patients worldwide, and significantly strengthening the reach of education, medicine, and most importantly, kindness and hope.
We deeply thank our donors, committee, and main sponsor for making part of our talented and caring family, and for sharing this dream with us. It is your hard work and generosity that makes this possible. May next year bring us close once again.
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