Surrey RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in locating $60,000 of stolen property from the Whalley/City Centre area.

On March 1, at 4:45 pm, a commercial truck trailer loaded with a storage container and $20,000 worth of ‘J grade KDHT’ lumber was stolen from a business in the 10600-block of Timberland Road.

Security footage from the business shows a suspect completing the theft by hooking the trailer to the cab of a semi-truck and driving off the property.

In total, over 2700 pieces of lumber, that were wrapped in “West Fraser Mills” wrapping paper, were stolen.

The stolen container is a faded red colour and is marked, ‘TGCU 503616-0 / TARE: 3770’.

The stolen trailer bears BC license plate ‘D8795P’ and has the number #234 on it. It also has ‘Canadian Tire’ mud flaps.

“The photo quality we were able to obtain is not ideal for making a direct identification,” said Constable Richard Wright. “Our investigators do believe there are people in the community with further information and we are asking them to come forward to help us advance this investigation.”