Think inside the boxAbbotsford: The Abbotsford Police Department has a reputation for being an innovative law enforcement agency that doesn’t shy away from pushing the envelope. The APD is often described as a group of people who commonly “think outside the box”.  However, during Distracted Driving Awareness and Prevention month, the Abbotsford Police Department is actually encouraging citizens to “Think Inside the Box”.

Distracted Driving continues to create casualties on our roadways and yet drivers continue to engage in this dangerous practice. Many vehicle manufacturers, app developers and traffic safety experts are looking for high-tech solutions to improve road safety. The APD believes that a low-tech solution could be just as effective and we have taken thinking inside the box literally. We have produced cardboard boxes for drivers (and passengers) to place their electronic devices in before leaving the driveway.The box can then be placed in the trunk or glove box until the travelers all reach their destination safely and undistracted. The box isn’t just cardboard walls and stickers; it’s a demonstration of commitment to actively do something about road safety. We also believe it could be a very effective conversation starter.