ThorNo, we’re not talking about the classic 1965 James Bond movie with real 007 Sean Connery. Nor are we dreaming about famed Aussi Dancers Thunder from Down Under. Instead prepare to have your breath taken away with Thor: Ragnarok. What’s in a name? Funny, you should ask. Instead just go along with the fun and marvel at the latest Marvel Studios fun fest now delighting audiences at Cineplex Arenas around B.C.

Call it third time lucky for the Thor franchise. Cocky and charming is Chris Hemsworth who is at his best as the hammer wielding Norse wonder. And that’s a good thing because with the fate of the world at stake who better would you call for help. No, not Ghostbusters. Family matters and a family spat hurls Thor on a collision course with all things dastardly.

Immensely entertaining the key to Thor: Ragnarok apart from the stunning visuals and thrilling special effects is the humour. Tongue in cheek quips delivered with relish by Hemsworth will have audiences in stitches. Oh, and let’s not forget the spectacular actors who provide lots of food for fodder in this battle royale. Foxy ladies Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thomson are high hitting sirens who do some butt kicking of their own. And more humour comes courtesy of Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) who is also delicious as a master of ceremonies of sorts.

Wild, untamed and a creative delight Thor: Ragnarok is bright outstanding fun and a perfect way to get rid of those wintry blues.