Linda Annis

Surrey: Councillor Linda Annis said this morning’s BC Supreme Court decision in favour of Uber means it’s time for the mayor to stop the political games and get on with giving 550,000 Surrey residents ride-hailing.

“This nonsense has gone long enough, it’s time for common sense and time to put passengers first,” said Annis. “I hope today’s decision will put an end to ticketing of drivers and Uber and that we can give our residents another transportation option, something we all want. I’m looking forward to using ride-hailing in my city, the same way Vancouverites now use Uber and Lyft.  I hope the mayor will start standing up for our 550,000 Surrey residents rather than a handful of taxi owners who’ve had a decades-long monopoly.”

Annis also said she wants to eliminate the pickup and drop off boundaries between municipalities, providing a level playing field between taxis and ride-hailing companies.