Todd Stone
Todd Stone

Vancouver: BC Liberal Party leadership candidate, Todd Stone has unveiled his vision for ensuring British Columbia is fully embracing technology, not just within government, but across our economy.

“As a tech company founder and CEO, I know first-hand the nearly unlimited potential the tech industry offers for families and communities across B.C., but so far, we have barely scratched the surface,” said Stone. “We need a leader who understands the industry and what it needs to grow and thrive.”

Stone’s vision for B.C. Tech includes working with educators in our K-12 system and post-secondary institutions to better prepare students for the economy of tomorrow. This includes expanding the coding curriculum in elementary and high school, increasing science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) training seats, and supporting research and development in partnership with the tech industry.

“One of the biggest challenges facing our tech industry is a supply of talent and ensuring British Columbians have the skills necessary for the jobs being created,” said Stone. “My goal is for every B.C. student, no matter where in our province they come from or their background, to graduate with the tools and ability to not just succeed, but to lead in the technology industry.”

Stone is also pledging to expand how we work with industry and other governments to attract tech companies to B.C. as well as supporting regional initiatives such as the Cascadia Innovation Corridor.

“We have already seen great examples of locally grown tech companies as well as those who have chosen to come to B.C. doing incredible things in communities across our province,” said Stone. “With a concerted effort and determination, we will continue to build a world-leading tech industry that not only creates new jobs and opportunities, but strengthens existing industries like the resource sector.”

Aside from supporting a thriving private tech sector, Stone’s technology commitments are also focused on better leveraging technology across government with a full review of how programs and services could be delivered online. This includes everything from online auto insurance and drivers licence renewal to the more efficient and safer delivery of healthcare.

“Embracing B.C. Tech needs to include an overhaul of how the B.C. Government utilizes technology,” said Stone. “Doing so will not only mean better service delivery, but delivering those services in a more cost-effective manner to help keep taxes low and continue strengthening our economy.”