Lethal Lady!

Tomb RaiderMove over Arnie. Pack it in Sly. Back to basic training Mr. Bond. Bonafide male action heroes need to take a pass as a new kid is on the block. Hot to trot and aiming to protect her family, and dare I say the free world as we know it is the 20 something heroine of Tomb Raider. Give it up to Warner Brothers for smartly casting a new woman to take over where once upon a time Angelina Jolie held centre stage. Lucky for us they’re found the right actress. So, sit back and enjoy the ride at countless Cineplex cinemas across B.C.

Taking a page out of the Raiders of the Lost Art playbook director Roar Uthuag slyly navigates the troubled path of a once upon a time much loved rich daddy’s girl. Now a mature woman at 21 Alicia Vikander takes full control as a street-wise / street-smart Londoner not at all enamoured with her family’s wealth. Instead Laura pines for her missing dad who she was once fond of.

Through a series of ingenious clues, the now orphaned girl embarks on an unbelievable quest to find her dad. Into the depths of some dark island off of mysterious Japan our never say die crusading adventurer sets sail. Suffice it to say that danger and demons follow her path every step of the way. Here the interest lies solely in the build-up as Lara will stop at nothing to get at the truth. Forget about the obvious similarities to Indy’s masterful Boulder encounter a la Spielberg. Let’s just say there certainly are enough muscle flying heroics, close encounters at a breakneck respectable speed and true bravado to have you cheering for Ms. Vikander every step of the way.