LAST week Asian Journal reported that Ontario’s Court of Appeal Justice Robert Blair tore a strip off a Toronto police officer for the brutal tactics he and his fellow cop used on two South Asian suspects, Neil Singh and Randy Maharaj, to gain confessions.

Now Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says that the Toronto police officers “strongly refute” that ruling and that the court only got one side of the story because the Crown decided not to have the officers testify at either the trial or the appeal hearing.

The Crown also chose not to call any other evidence to challenge the assault allegations although an internal police investigation found no medical evidence of beatings, Blair claimed. He has asked the Ministry of the Attorney General to conduct a review of the Crown decisions and “see if there is a way that the full story can be made public.”

The OPP will also conduct a thorough investigation into the conduct of three police officers, at Blair’s request, the Toronto Star reported.

The two suspects were arrested after two or more assailants robbed Crane Supply of about $350,000 worth of copper piping in 2009.