Transit rage is on rise in Lower Mainland

Road rage is an old and known term used to describe violent face offs among the road users. Similarly Transit rage is new phrase that comes to mind when describing the incidents such the one reported early this week in which one woman beat another woman, mother of three kids mercilessly. Commuting via transit is getting dangerous in lower mainland with every passing day. In this recent incident two women were in involved in a fight that got physical and took place in front of the kids of victim. Being a advanced country that prides itself in the quality of life it offers to all the sections of society this incident and many more like this are bound to make people insecure and question the efficiency of low enforcement agencies.

Since the beginning of this year there have been some violent incidents that have shaken the faith of not only  passengers but also of Translink employees. Some time ago Surrey bus driver’s nose  was broken by  rowdy passenger, then two young women assaulted  the bus driver, similar incidence took place couple of weeks back in Vancouver when three women assaulted a bus driver. Yelling racial slurs,  groping, using abusive language and being unruly on the public transport is increasing rapidly. Question is why this rise in assaults no matter the transit police and RCMP always end up catching the nuisance maker, the culprit. The safe and secure image of transit takes a beating with every assault and this must worry the municipal governments .

People often say we need more  visibility of Transit police, more people in uniforms moving around, true, we need more efficient and effective policing but the commuters also need to be alert and observant. Nowadays majority of the people onboard are so engrossed in their mobile phones  or tablets that they don’t know what’s going on around them.  Ability to assess a situation and identify it as emergency situation requires attention. Being suspicious in relationship is bad but being suspicious while travelling can help save you and co passenger lot of trouble.

Recognizing an individual who can be potential threat to the safety of people onboard is not just the task of transit police, it is the duty of every traveller. So next time you are onboard a bus or Sky train, pay attention to your surroundings. Agencies in-charge of security have  to step up their game too and come out with a plan to make travelling secure and easy, once again. They cannot let the fear of assault hold commuters to ransom and come out and say that people need to behave when in public because whatever reports we are getting on daily basis is not of some youngsters misbehaving with the driver or co passenger but the situation is far more serious. Mature adults losing control of the situation and putting everyone including themselves in harmful situations.