By Kamilla singh

Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

Vancouver: When it comes to food, the owner of the Tropika Malaysian Cuisine restaurant, Mr. Louis King’s philosophy is “KISS”, meaning keeping it simple and superb, with this theory behind it as long as the quality, taste, service and value of the food is not compromised than one can safely say that the dinner in here will get nothing, but the best in fine dinning.

Pan Fried Basil Chicken Filet

Thai Style BBQ Chicken Fried Rice

tropika pineapple

tropika robson food

tropika3Tropika restaurants which have four other locations in the Metro Vancouver is known for the Malaysian food it serves and for the interior decoration. It was recoganised for its interior decor by the Interior Design Institute of B.C. Every location has its own décor and appeal. The one on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver has its culture of its own high ceiling with the lime green walls, well lit and beautifully lay out seating
“Consistency on the menus is very important as well as the quality of the food must be the same in each of the restaurant and the reputation of one location to another has a huge impact on the day to day operation of the business. Mr. Louis Kong said.

“I am also very big on the interior decorations, each of our restaurants has its own unique way to give the restaurant goers an individual appeal that is suited to their own neighborhood” he added. I went to check out this restaurant on Robson Location, this location was featured recently in Design quarterly magazine showcasing BC architects and interior designers and was awarded the IDI, of BC Awards of Excellence in early 2000’s in the hospitality category. This is also an award winning traditional authentic and New Malaysian dishes featuring Indonesian and Thai influenced.

Monday night when I walked in was the same night when Vancouver Canucks were playing with Islanders, the place was packed, the Vancouverites the true fans of Canucks were getting in gear to cheer for the favorite team. The noise was pretty loud for me, but I was starving and I started off with the Tropika’s fruit punch, a magnificent drink, with tropical juices with whisper of guava nectar.
For appetizers I had crab cake served with sweet and sour sauce satay. Roti canai which is the softest Malay bread Spicy Jumbo Prawns. Thai style green chicken with plain rice and the soup was Tom Yum Goong (spicy hot and sour soup). So you can see the verities I had in one meal, enough to last for the whole week, food fit for royal dinning. I was treated like a royalty. George the Manager at the restaurant went out of his way to keep me company as well as VIP treatment. Everything I had was excellent.

Fully licensed and they have on of the best selection of the cellar white and red wines.
Located at 1128 Robson Street in Vancouver, reservation is highly recommended, please give them a call at 604-737-6002, Cambie Street location at 604-870-6002 and Lansdowne in Richmond at 604-278-6002.

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