truckersSurrey: Truckers of Lower Mainland who transport containers between the ports in the Lower mainland have formed an association to take their grievances to all the levels of government. Truckers have five main demands which they have already submitted to the Mayors’ and local MLAs. Their demands include reduction of waiting times at the ports; enforcement of rates; moratorium on new licenses; requirement for D.O.C to be removed; removal of MOA of July 2005.
Meeka Sangehra spoke with Asian Journal about the problems faced by Truckers of Lower Mainland and said that the United Truckers Association is getting tremendous response from all the truckers, they have around 600 members so far. A group of 8 members is the core group that has been advocating Truckers’ issues with all the provincial and local government representatives.
On Sunday, Feb 23 there is going to be General Meeting where all the members will gather and decide the way forward.
The meeting will be held at Grand Taj Banquet Hall from 10:30 am onwards. For more information contact Meeka 604 499 8400