Winnipeg: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is repeating promises to update legislation that governs water use.

Trudeau, while formally announcing the Canada Water Agency will be headquartered in Winnipeg, says his government will update the act around the use and development of the resource in Canada.

Trudeau didn’t provide details about how the Canada Water Act would change.

The federal government’s budget released earlier in the year allocated funds for the creation of the agency and suggested it be headquartered in Manitoba’s capital city.

The prime minister didn’t say where in Winnipeg the headquarters would be located or when it would be up and running.

Trudeau also fielded questions about the results of a report released Tuesday saying a formal inquiry into foreign interference isn’t needed.

Trudeau says he is leaving the door open should Independent MP Han Dong decides he wants to rejoin the Liberal party.

The prime minister met with Indigenous high school students Wednesday morning before making the announcement about protecting fresh water.

He is also scheduled to take part in a town hall in the evening.

The visit comes a day after a special rapporteur said a formal inquiry into foreign interference isn’t needed.

Former governor general David Johnston says he plans to hold his own public hearings about the issue later this year.

Trudeau had asked Johnston in March to investigate the extent and impact of foreign interference in Canada, amid allegations China meddled in the last two federal elections.