By Joan Bryden
The Canadian Press

Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is counting on the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP to help his minority Liberal government get things done in the face of what he anticipates will be systematic obstructionism by the Conservatives.
In an interview with The Canadian Press ahead of Parliament’s return Monday after a six-week break, Trudeau made it clear he doesn’t just want the smaller, more ideologically compatible opposition parties to support the passage of Liberal bills.
He wants them to support measures to cut off debate and force votes on bills if the official Opposition Conservatives resort to procedural tricks to stall progress on the legislative agenda, as they frequently did during his first minority mandate.
“We know and we’ve seen it, the Conservatives are going to continue to try and play whatever partisan games they can, regardless of the consequence on Canadians. They’re much more focused on their own interests right now than they are on the interests of Canadians,” he said.