Donald Trump

The Hague: The decision by the US President Donald Trump to pull his country out of Paris climate agreement “is a historic mistake,” tweeted Dutch Minister for the Environment Sharon Dijksma on Thursday evening.

“Now we need leadership, intensive cooperation with China and climate action!” Dijksma said.

“A clear message from Europe,” Dijksma added after France, Germany, Italy issued a joint statement saying the Paris climate deal can’t be renegotiated.

“A deal is a deal. The Paris Agreement can’t be renegotiated!”

A report in Xinhua quoted Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as saying that he regrets the decision of Trump.

“The climate change approach is not only necessary, it offers global economic opportunities,” he said on Facebook.

“It is about the economic sectors of the future. Without US participation, it becomes more difficult to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. But the rest of the world remains behind the Agreement. That does not change,” Rutte emphasised.

“The Netherlands will also continue to fully support the climate Agreement.”