(PG) ***


Snappy and spiffy is the title character in Sharp Stick. Like the title suggests this new and original flick from Elevation Pictures zeroes in on the rather troubled career path of a young woman. See the chaotic carnage unfold in Real time by ordering this fresh experience from your local cable company or internet provider when the movie gets released via video on demand come Aug. 16.
Restless in the extreme is Sara Jo. Set in Hollywood California young Kristine Forseth shows lots of spark and spunk as a 26 year old trying to sort things out while living at home with her fashion driven sister and rambunctious mom. Family matters s d Sara Jo gets loads of advice from her mom and sis. That’s a good thing especially when it comes to matters of the heart.
Alternating between sad and funny this ambitious movie benefits from good acting and a solid script. Director, co-writer and actress Lena Dunham

nabs the Triactor by pulling off an intimate tale showing the angst and joy of a muddled adolescence.