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By  Dr. Holly

tulsiTulsi or Holy Basil Leaf (not to be confused with basil) is a well-known Ayurvedic or East Indian herb. But what is it used for…well it has a number of uses…its most famous medicinal function is an anti-oxidant. But, it has a number of other functions as well:
1. The leaf is a nerve tonic that also supports memory function; strengthens the stomach; promotes removal of catarrhal and phlegm from the bronchial tubes; induces perspiration and provides mucilaginous matter
2. The leaves are used to reduce fevers – boil and use a tea with milk and sugar and cardamon. Drink 2-3 cups a day. Use as a preventative not just from common cold fevers but also malaria and dengue fever
3. A common component of cough syrups and expectorants; even mobilizes mucus in
bronchitis and asthma
4. Respiratory actions include sore throat; again drink as a tea also use as a gargle
5. Holy basil is not just used for the lungs and lower respiratory functions but can also be used in the mouth for ulcers and infections
6. And Tulsi can even be used for teeth issues: the leaves are dried in the sun, then mixed with mustard oil and massaged into the gums – can also be mixed with neem; and also used with pyorrhea
7. Other respiratory disorders include making a decoction of leaves, honey and ginger: use for bronchitis, asthma, flus, coughs, and cold
8. Mix the leaves with cloves and common salt for immediate relief of flu symptoms
9. But the lungs are not the only system that benefit, tulsi is also used for kidney stones: combine the juice of basil leaves with honey; take for 6 months and you will expel the stones in the urine
10. From the lungs to the kidney stones to the heart: strengthens the heart and reduces blood cholesterols
11. And on to the adrenals – holy basil leaves are an adaptogen – they strengthen the adrenals allowing the body to both respond and recover from stress easier
12. Holy Basil juice can also be utilized for sore eyes and for night-blindness – just take a couple of drops of holy basil juice in the eyes before bed
13. Holy Basil and Sandalwood are combined to eliminate headaches
Herbs from around the world have a long history of medicinal uses. Yes, sometimes they are just old wives tales, but more often than not, we are finding that more and more of these old therapies have good reason behind them.
Work with a good herbalist and learn how and when and what to mix as a tea, tincture, cream, etc to take full advantage of Nature’s natural and powerful medicines.
Here’s to your health!

Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner. Here’s to your health!
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