The Turban List (Press Release IMAGE)London: The Turban List has been launched to recognize influential turbaned British Sikhs; including entrepreneurs, public figures, celebrities and members of the general public who have gained prominence on a national or global scale in their specialist area.
2014 marks 100 years since Sikhs fought for the British Empire in the First World War and 160 years since the first Sikh, Maharaja Duleep Singh, came to the United Kingdom.
The Turban List said they aims to educate inform and create a stronger appreciation for Sikhs in all walks of life and the unique and personal style of the modern day British Sikh. The time has come for the turban to be represented in a more positive light, by shining a spotlight on these bearers of the Sikh identity, which remains one of Sikhism’s greatest strengths, said Jatender Heer who is one of two British Sikhs who developed the project.