Kelowna: Justice caught up with Norman Cocks, 33, and Robert Thomas, 49, who have been handed down 15 years for brutal attack on Dain Philips, 51,  who died of his injuries. Their sentences have been reduced to 12 years in prison for their part in the June 2011 killing after receiving credit for pre-sentence custody. Philips was trying to settle a dispute between his two adult sons, Kody and Kaylin Phillips and two other brothers, Matthew and Daniel McRae. Both the set of brothers knew each other from their high school days at Rutland Senior Secondary. Cocks, who was a close friend of Daniel McRae, approached Kaylin Phillips and threatened him.  Dain and his sons   were confronted by a group including Thomas and Cocks on a public highway outside Kelowna and Thomas attacked Dain with baseball bat. Later Cocks also joined Thomas in beating Dain. Matthew Thomas McRae,Daniel Joseph McRae,Robert Charles Cocks and Anson Lloyd Schell have been charged with second-degree murder but have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter.