Bangkok, Sep 7 (IANS) Thai police have detained two Indian nationals often seen talking to another suspect believed to be involved in last month’s deadly Bangkok shrine bombing that killed 20 people, the media reported on Monday.

The two men were detained when a team of police and soldiers raided the Maimuna Garden Home Apartment building in Min Buri district for the second time on Sunday evening, the Bangkok Post reported.

The same apartments were raided on September 2, when security forces found bomb-making materials in Room No.9106 rented by Wanna Suansan, a Thai-Muslim woman wanted on suspicion of involvement in the August 17 Erawan Shrine bombing and the explosion at Sathon pier the following day.

An official said authorities searched the apartment building again, acting on information that some people believed involved in the bombings might still be there.

Two people whose identities were not disclosed were apprehended from one room. Each was carrying an Indian passport. They were taken away by military officials for questioning.

The raid came after investigators examined more surveillance camera footage from the apartment building. They discovered the two Indians had frequently talked to Yusufu Mieraili, the 25-year-old man detained in Sa Kaeo province on September 1 while attempting to enter Cambodia.

The two were being questioned to find out what they talked about with the suspect and if they were involved in the bombings, the official added.