Singapore: A Singapore court sentenced two Indians to varying jail terms for rioting in the Little India neighbourhood, in the country’s worst rioting in decades Dec 8 last year, a media report said.

Moorthy Kabildev, 25, and Mongan Anbalagan, 41, who were arrested a day after the incident, pleaded guilty to the charge of rioting.

Kabildev initially faced two charges: one for rioting, and another for causing hurt by allegedly punching bus time-keeper Madam Wong Geck Woon.

Kabildev was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment as he pleaded guilty to the former, while the prosecution withdrew the other charge, according to the Deputy Public Prosecutor Sarah Ong.

Anbalagan admitted to throwing concrete pieces at a bus and in the direction of police vehicles.

Anbalagan was sentenced to 18 months in prison.