Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

I am going to depart from the usual approach I take to these Power Points articles and today talk about a change that my company, Cascadia Systems Group, has made.

A little background 1st; Cascadia has long partnered with an IT company on the North Shore and has decided that together we can serve our clients better if we joined forces. I am very pleased to announce that we have done just that.

CDN Channel Elite Award winner for Best Cloud Solution Compunet InfoTech of Vancouver and Cascadia Systems Group have joined forces.

This merger agreement essentially brings two Vancouver area solution providers together to offer professional services and cloud computing solutions across the lower mainland of B.C. The company will operate under the Compunet Infotech banner.

My selfish approach to the merger is that we can make an outstanding, award winning, IT company even better through improved business practices, streamlined operations and enhanced client care.

Nick Nouri, President & CEO of Compunet, is confident that joining forces with Cascadia will allow the company to offer comprehensive computer services throughout the lower mainland to businesses looking to simplify their IT.

In our experience we have found that complex IT is a business inhibitor. When IT is simplified, business planning takes on a whole new purpose. By that I mean that it becomes easier to implement the long-term goals and strategies that define business success, and will return a significant improvement to the bottom line.

IT solutionsCompunet is a leading IT company in North Vancouver, providing customized technology solutions such as Email, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and VoIP technology.

Cascadia has been providing managed services for computer systems to small and mid-sized businesses in the Surrey area since 1998. Compunet has been in the IT service and support business since 1989 and has clients in cities all around the globe.

In a Blog post by Compunet, the company said: “Today’s organizations have increasing pressure from, not only their competitors down the street or across Canada, but now, thanks to technology, competitors are emerging from all corners of the globe. In the Vancouver area businesses that successfully leverage information technology have proven to continue to succeed in today’s global marketplace with the aid of sound information technology solutions.”

We are looking forward to working together in our expanded venture.

Your Take Away

Small businesses like yours can enjoy personalized, high-end IT solutions, they just need support from experienced technicians. This merger deepens the well of our experience and technical skills. Get in touch our experts today at 604.986.8170 and we’ll be happy to show what we can do.

Bob Milliken specializes in helping businesses with their IT needs. Our mission is to provide IT strategies, service and support that creates raving fans and builds long term lasting relationships. Bob can be reached at