Sqaumish: A 2014 Grey Maserati and a 2012 Black Ferrari have been impounded for 15 days and both the drivers in their mid-20 have been issued violation tickers for excessive speeding this week.

The cars were travelling northbound on highway 99 at Garibaldi way. Both the vehicles were following each other at high speeds, extremely close to each other and were observed swerving within their lane, which is known as “warming” up the tires.  The vehicles were traveling at 140 Km/h in a 70 Km/h zone and as soon as the lead vehicle spotted the Traffic Services police car they both slammed on their brakes and reduced their speeds to 80km/h. “It’s scary to think that this dangerous and aggressive driving behaviour was occurring in the middle of the day when families are on the road and regular people are using our roadways responsibly for work and general travel,” says Cpl Robert Mc Donald “E”.