UFVRD AwardsFraser Valley:   On Tuesday June 5 the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment (UFVRD) Officer-in-Charge hosted the annual ‘Recognizing Excellence’ awards ceremony to salute exceptional performances and service to the communities of the Upper Fraser Valley.

“It is my honour to acknowledge each recipient this evening for their dedication, courage and perseverance to achieve these extraordinary deeds,” says Superintendent Bryon Massie Officer in Charge of the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment.  “I applaud family, friends, and co-workers, who every day, support all of our officers in the communities they serve.”

Over ninety awards were presented to officers, support staff, and civilians for their actions including;

  • An off duty officer who rendered assistance to an injured hiker stranded down an embankment.
  • Partners in the community providing services to those in need.
  • A Chilliwack Crime Reduction Unit investigation to the seizure of firearms and large amounts of illegal drugs.
  • An off duty officer who took action in an active shooter situation in a remote location prior to police arriving at the scene.


One of the highlights of the ceremony was the presentation to a Chilliwack officer for his compassion during an investigation.

In October 2014 a mother living in Alberta called the Chilliwack RCMP to report her son as a missing person.  Throughout the search the RCMP investigator remained in close touch showing genuine care and concern, providing encouragement until her son was found.

“I received a call from the officer and he put my son on the phone…he was safe! He (the officer) took my son to a safe place and so was the beginning of a new life for my boy,” conveyed a thankful mother.

During the summer of 2017 a RCMP officer deployed to the BC wildfires entered an establishment in Likely BC.  When a patron offered the officer a cup of coffee, as fate would have it, the offer came from the mother to the RCMP officer who supported her in 2014.

The compassion, integrity, and respect offered by the officer exemplified commitment to the community and the RCMP Core Values.