Vancouver: The BC RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime (FSOC) Unit have noticed a recent increase in counterfeited United States bank notes being distributed in the province. The notes are 20 and 50 dollar denominations of the 2004 series and are being circulated through a variety of businesses, mostly in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Some of the notes have also been distributed in the Okanagan area.

“Counterfeiting bank notes is a serious criminal offence,” says A/Insp Tim Windle of FSOC. “The RCMP works in partnership with other domestic and international law enforcement agencies, the Bank of Canada and the general public in order to deter these crimes.”

“Checking the security features of bank notes is the public’s best line of defence against counterfeiting,” said Sgt. Dave Selvage of the BC RCMP FSOC Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team.