Homeless !

unlessBad things can happen to good people. A middle aged couple needs to come to terms with a family crisis in Unless. Showing at select theatres in Vancouver for a limited release this is one tale worth checking out.

Set in Toronto actress Catherine Keener ( The 40 Year Old Virgin) leaves her Hollywood glamour behind to play a caring mom to three teenage daughters and a wife to a physician partner. Smart and accomplished as a respect author the middle aged woman has her life turned inside out when one of the kids takes to the streets.

No recommend with a view awaits the young girl as she sets up camp outside the famous Honest Ed’s department store. Honesty is the order of the day as Unless hones in on a growing problem confronting many communities across North America: homelessness.

Just what impact a child on the streets has on a caring family and the community at large is poignantly depicted In This film has which is non- judgmental , meaningful and sincere. It takes on an important social issue that needs to be discussed openly in honest and frank terms.