Jack Hundial

Surrey: The recent survey speaks to the low level of support that McCallum’s proposed Surrey Police Force (SPF) has in the community. Only 38% of residents support the transition from the RCMP to the SPF. McCallum’s personal support has fallen to 32%.

The survey was commissioned by a group of local residents because what they were hearing from local citizens did not line up with Mayor McCallum’s often repeated claims that he was speaking on behalf of the people. The survey results prove that there is a disconnect between McCallum and the residents of Surrey.

The facts should be clear – Surrey should not be taking unnecessary risks with public safety.

64% of Surrey residents support keeping the RCMP with a local police board. This is the logical step forward and it can be achieved within a short timeframe.

Adding a local police board and increasing the number of officers is the fastest and most effective way to address the public safety concerns in Surrey.

However; in a surprising move McCallum’s majority on the Surrey Council voted against adding 12 new officers to the RCMP in the 2019 municipal budget.

The SPF appears to be a pet project and the Mayor’s current transition plan doesn’t detail how it will improve public safety. The City of Surrey should not be taking risks with public safety – it is just too important, and mistakes can have many consequences that won’t be able to be measured by money alone.

A lot has changed since Mayor McCallum was last in office. Overall crime has been trending down during the last 10 years in his absence. The RCMP could further benefit from a local police board and some additional resources. This is the most direct route to improving public safety and it will be more affordable for taxpayers that the Mayor’s current plan.