Washington: US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel Friday announced an action plan to reform the country’s military nuclear enterprise.

According to a statement released by the US defence department, following a series of events involving the nation’s nuclear forces and their leadership, Hagel directed this February both an internal and external review of the entire nuclear enterprise, Xinhua reported.

The reviews concluded that while the US nuclear forces are currently meeting the demands of the mission with dedication, significant changes are required to address systemic problems that could undermine safety, security and effectiveness of the force in the future, the statement said.

Together, the two reviews identified more than 100 recommendations to improve the nuclear deterrent forces, it said.

They focused on several key areas, including oversight, investment and personnel and training and their recommendations ranged from acquisition investments to cultural challenges that will take time to see through.

These investments will cost $7 billion over the five-year defence spending programme in addition to ongoing modernization requirements identified in last year’s budget submission, the statement said.

The US nuclear forces have been reported numerous misbehaviours and scandals over the past two years, including lapses in training, violations of security rules and exam cheating.