Vancouver: The Vancouver Park Board is being asked to consider sticking a pin in the presence of latex and plastic balloons in city parks.

The board, which is responsible for all activities in parks and community centres, will consider a motion at its next regular meeting to ban balloons.

The motion, tabled by commissioner Stuart MacKinnon, says balloons are non-renewable, clog landfills and should not be permitted.

It says the colourful inflatables pose a risk to birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other wildlife that either eat the deflated remains and suffer internal injuries, or die after becoming tangled in balloon strings.

Mackinnon’s motion also says young children are among those at risk, referencing a study from the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the DuPont Institute that found balloons cause more childhood deaths than any other toy.

The two-term park commissioner hopes the board will vote Monday night to prohibit the use or display of balloons in parks, community centres and other areas within its jurisdiction.

The Canadian Press