Vancouver: The Vancouver School Board says it is working on an alternate back-to-school option for parents who are not comfortable sending their children into classrooms.

The board says a survey completed by parents earlier this week showed that while most want to send their children to school for full-time, in-person instruction, a significant number were interested in a transition option.

It says the option is still being developed, and would be for families who are not ready to have their children return to in-person instruction when school begins on Sept. 10.

It says the program would be a temporary transition option that allows students to learn remotely and receive some support from the board, as well as one-on-one check-ins with a teacher.

The board says children would remain enrolled in their local school and may be placed in a learning group for possible transition to in-person instruction this academic year.

Deena Kotak-Buckley, the board’s director of instruction, says more information will be shared with families early next week.

The Canadian Press