Mumbai: Actor John Abraham, who is celebrating success of his recently released film “Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran”, has said that “we don’t value soldiers of our country”.

John was interacting with media along with director Abhishek Sharma after success of “Parmanu” on Monday in Mumbai.

Talking about soldiers of the country who deal with difficulties in their life, John said: “I always say that they are the real life heroes and we are just reel life heroes.

“I think they should not face any kind of difficulties. They protect us on boarders and here by sitting in air conditioned room, we complain about petty issues in life.”

“In Siachen (Glacier), they survive in -50 degree Celsius and in Jaisalmer, they survive in +50 degree Celsius so, I think we don’t have any right to complain, whatever we can do for them as a country, we must do for them,” he said.

Talking about success of the film, John said: “I am thankful to audience and media because they have appreciated our film. Abhishek (Sharma) and me, both of us are feeling very relieved and happy that this film worked at the box-office.

“This film not only has garnered positive response from the critics and audience but, I think everything in this film has come together. I think direction of Abhishek, my and other actor’s performances has worked in the favour of the film, so it feels amazing.”