By Whitney Sharp

The Faculty of Science and Horticulture at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is kicking off the New Year, with a new program. Beginning in January 2017, students at the university will now be able to pursue a bachelor of science minor in medicinal chemistry.

The sub-discipline of chemistry is focused on drug discovery and development, biochemistry, and pharmacology and complements other areas of study including biology and health science—two bachelor of science majors the university currently offers.

Courses in the new minor program will include drug discovery, design, and development where students will learn about the chemical and biochemical reactions to drug actions and design; current topics in medicinal chemistry, including research, identification, and validation of emerging drug targets; modern alchemy which includes nuclear and radiochemistry; and instrumental analysis, exploring theoretical and practical techniques .

Upon completion of the program, graduates may go on to find employment working as biotechnologists, research technicians, analytical chemists, pharmacy technicians and more.

Outside of the new medicinal chemistry minor, KPU offers elective courses in chemistry including a course designed for non-science majors that offers a first-hand look at forensic science with real-world examples and applications.

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