With travel and adventure options showing up, you may feel justified in getting away from it all and enjoying new faces and places. Even a short break can be enough to boost your spirits. Check the details regarding your plans, though, especially around Friday, because there could be disappointment if something doesn’t work out as hoped. But you may also have a deeper purpose to attend to, and this could see you busy making plans and decisions that will help shape and mold your future exactly how you want it to be. You could put quite a bit of thought and effort into one goal, and this can enhance the rate of progress.

Sweet Venus enters Aquarius late in the week, and this can give your social life a pleasant boost, especially over the coming week or so.

The sun’s move into Capricorn on Saturday adds even more energy to your current career plans and ambitions. Success may be very much on your mind.


The desire to get involved in something new or perhaps something bigger than yourself could inspire you to reach for new opportunities. And over this week, as the sun moves into Capricorn, you might be ready to explore the possibilities that are out there for you. This is an exciting time when, with some application, you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You may also find that working alongside others is a big help in accomplishing your goals. You could have a life coach, business partner, romantic partner, or friend who is with you or ready to advise you. As chatty Mercury aligns with dreamy Neptune on Thursday, be careful about listening to those who don’t know what they’re talking about. Someone could seriously mislead you. You might find the use of charm helpful when it comes to getting approval for your plans or impressing those in positions of power. As Venus moves into your career zone, her presence can provide a positive boost.


Your sector of shared assets and deep-seated emotions dominates your chart at this time, and it could be the reason that the idea of change seems so important. Perhaps the only thing holding you back is fear of the unknown, and this is something you can work on by moving out of your comfort zone little by little. As the sun moves into this same zone for a four-week stay, it can shed light on key issues, enabling you to set your priorities for the coming weeks and months. At the same time, you might be eager to get moving on plans, and with the right approach, you can make good progress. Pooling resources and getting the right people on board can be a part of this.

As sweet Venus moves into Aquarius and your sector of far horizons, her presence can encourage you to seek more in the way of romance, financial rewards, and creative opportunities.


The sun moves into Capricorn on Saturday to add emphasis to your relationship sector. The sun here can give you a fresh perspective on what is going on and what you should do next. Getting your priorities organized in this respect can be very helpful.

One relationship might be particularly intense and very focused, and this could be because this is a budding romance or because you’re working together on a project or idea. If you can keep the momentum going, you could make great headway this week. At the same time, luscious Venus moves into your sector of shared assets and soul bonds late in the week. This could encourage you to dig deep and tap in to resources of strength and intuitive understanding in order to resolve issues or make progress. It would help to clarify issues on Friday, though, because a mistake could cause delays.


You might begin to feel you’re getting a handle on your current workload and responsibilities, especially as upbeat Jupiter in Capricorn can help you feel more optimistic. With the sun moving into Capricorn on Saturday, you’ll be able to locate those key areas that need further attention. This can be crucial to seeing the bigger picture and organizing a more suitable plan.

You’ll also be eager to revolutionize your lifestyle, and this can include the way you work, as well as health and wellness issues. This could see you hiring a personal trainer or implementing a new diet and exercise routine, and you might even want to involve the family. This may all come from a deep-seated desire to transform your life. With lovely Venus moving into your sector of relating late in the week, the coming weeks can sparkle, including the holiday week and New Year’s Eve. Her presence here can encourage you to get out and about, enjoy romantic interludes, and generally have fun.


If you have creative projects going, you could be especially busy this week and over the coming weeks. With key planets in Capricorn and the sun moving in on Saturday, your focus may be on getting organized and moving ahead with your plans so you can see positive progress. There is a side of you that may be very determined to get ahead, and as feisty Mars aligns with sobering Saturn and powerful Pluto over the coming days, you may be very single-min ded about this. This could lead to a breakthrough, too.Even so, it helps to check that everyone is on the same page when organizing holiday events or guest lists, because with lively Mercury in your home zone angling toward dreamy Neptune, you could make a few mistakes.

Luscious Venus moves into Aquarius and your lifestyle sector late in the week, and her presence here can bring harmony with co-workers. Are you ready for romance? Someone you see on a regular basis could prove attractive.


As the focus on a more personal zone increases this week, home and family matters could take priority. With upbeat Jupiter now in this sector, you may feel a renewed sense of optimism that can build over the coming weeks and months. The sun’s move into this sector on Saturday can be a call to take stock and consider your current situation. If you’re having friends or family over for the holiday week, it could prove very uplifting because everyone will be eager to pitch in. With feisty Mars angling toward prudent Saturn and potent Pluto, you’ll be eager to make the most of any opportunities that arise out of friendly gatherings. And something that emerges could be positive for all concerned.

With luscious Venus, your ruler, moving into Aquarius and your leisure and romance zone late in the week, it’s time to kick back and enjoy yourself. Romantic opportunities are very much in the cards, too.


You may be doing a lot of plotting, planning, organizing, and arranging, and this could all come to a head this week and next. A powerful focus on your sector of talk and thought could encourage discussions, brainstorming, and a chance to take key plans to the next level. You and those you’re connected to may be passionate about a project, and this week could see you making great strides. As lovely Venus moves into your home zone later in the week, you’ll be ready to enjoy a few very sparkling holiday weeks. Her presence here can see you enjoying gatherings of all kinds at your place and relishing the chance to make everyone feel welcome and happy. The sun’s move into Capricorn on Saturday can kick-start a desire for a new beginning, and next week could see you setting a firm intention in this regard. Luscious Venus angles toward electric Uranus on Sunday, and an encounter could have chemistry and romantic potential.


Issues around resources, finances, business affairs, and marketing your skills and abilities could be very much in focus. Despite this being a time of celebration, your attention may be on more material or mundane plans.

And this is as it should be, because preparing now could see you launching some of your biggest ideas over the coming weeks. With dynamic Mars angling toward cautious Saturn and powerbroker Pluto in your money zone, you might feel an inner push to get things moving. This can encourage decisions and actions that align with your desires. There are opportunities for plenty of socializing, though, as convivial Venus moves into Aquarius and your sector of communication. This can encourage friendly gatherings and see you connecting with those you may not have spoken to in a while.

The sun’s move into your money zone on Saturday can highlight key areas that need attention and show you where you might make the most progress.


The focus on your sign is enhanced further this week as the radiant sun moves in on Saturday. Until then, you still have a full house and plenty of motivation to get things done. With upbeat Jupiter newly in your sign, this is a great opportunity to aim high knowing that you have the skills, ability, and drive to succeed.

This along with jovial Jupiter can boost your vitality and leave you much more upbeat. If you’ve soldiered away at key plans, you’ll now begin to see progress, and this can lead to rewards.

Friends and groups you’re connected to can also have an impact if you’re working with them to accomplish something important. The coming days can see you putting in a sterling effort to get everything in order and ready for a giant push forward.

The move of sweet Venus into your money zone late in the week could see you happily spending on holiday treats and presents. Don’t forget to include a few for yourself, too.


You may have various activities going on, each involving a different aspect of your life. With feisty Mars in your sector of goals and career, you could be eager to forge ahead with key plans. But as dynamic Mars links with prudent Saturn and radical Pluto over the days ahead, it also helps to listen to your instincts when making key moves. Doing so can ensure that you make the right decisions and swift progress.

Your social life sparkles with opportunity, even more so when sweet Venus moves into your sign late in the week. This can certainly boost your mood and bring sparkling occasions for fun, romance, and good times over the weeks ahead.

Even so, a lot of your energy is being channeled through your spiritual zone, and this can bring key issues to the surface. If you need help to work through them, this can be one of the better times to find it because you’re in the right frame of mind to make progress.


You could be heavily involved with group dynamics, whether this links to your social life or an organization. However, since last week, you may have a more optimistic view on life, and this could have a positive effect. If you’ve been thinking about making a few changes, this could happen sooner rather than later

You might be spurred on by a vision of fresh possibilities and what these could mean for you. With feisty Mars giving a push in this regard, this week can see you making plans and decisions and perhaps restructuring certain activities to make way for newer options.

Lovely Venus moves into a quieter zone this week, and this might find you more involved in spiritual activities or enjoying some seasonal yoga and mediation.

The sun’s move into Capricorn and your social zone on Saturday may inspire you to look at your involvements in a new light. This might help you secure fresh opportunities.