Historically it was thought that just calorie watch was required for weight loss – then it became simple metabolic typing but really there are a huge number of variables that impact on your weight management:

1) pH

2) enzymes

3) hormones

4) microbiota

5) inflammation

6) thyroid issues (usually caused by adrenal and/or liver issues)

7) adrenal function: regulates blood glucose levels, cortisol, immune & inflammatory processes

8) liver function:  deficiencies in glutathione, transkelotase, minerals, NAFLD, toxicity, etc

9) gut function:  leaky gut syndrome, IBS, inflammatory issues, lesions, etc

10)toxicity : POPs, PCBs, insecticides, herbicides, etc

11) AGEs and free radicals

12) Psyche


Simple rules to live by:

1) Start the day with hot water and whole lemon juice (not just the juice)

2) Start the day with good protein

3) Eat whole, organic non GMO, fresh foods

4) Eat meats that are organic and without hormones (estrogens) and anti-biotics

5) Eat fruit on an empty stomach

6) Eat Greek yogurt either raw or with vanilla NOT fruit

7) Eat whole 100% chocolate

8) Eat good healthy fats:  flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed, avocados, nuts

9) Use good healthy oils:  coconut, avocado, walnut,

10) Eat when you are hungry and stop before you are full



1) Fast foods, deep fried foods, junk food

2) Processed foods:  Pasteurized foods, Microwaved foods, Artificial foods

3) GMO food

4) Avoid Soy, cereals and juice – they are not the health foods you think they are

5) Labels :  If you don’t know the chemicals on the label – don’t eat the food

6) Oils:  olive, corn oil, soya oil,

7) AGE loaded foods:  potato chips, ice cream, baking, etc


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