Deepak Jayakar
Deepak Jayakar

I am excited as always about the Chinese New Year.  If there is anything that I would like to impart from this article, is to say how important it is to make an effort in your life. Make your own world the way you want it to be by doing something – anything – this year differently. Plus, instead of making New Year Resolutions, we make “New Year’s Expectations” of the good things we expect to come this year. Anything beyond this is just icing on the cake.

I wish you a different – and BETTER – Year than EVER! Remember, Chinese New Year of Monkey is starting from 8th February, 2016.

How can you move ahead this year and get past some of the problems of last year? It will take effort, but if you truly want to get ahead and have some beneficial change, you won’t mind because the payoff is more than worth the effort. The checklist below outlines the steps you should take to get energy moving for you in 2016.

  • Do things symbolically: When you clean your house just before New Year, for example, you are symbolically starting a fresh New Year. Think of things you can do to create symbolism in your life. Consider buying new art-work for your house that inspires and uplifts you and is symbolic of success, happiness or your long awaited dream/accomplishment.
  • Start New: This change can be a new, positive tradition that you do for yourself at the start of the New Year such as buying a new wallet or purse. Joining Yoga class or starting a fresh new hobby. Or start new nutritional diet. This is my own personal tradition. I buy a new wallet, checkbook cover — all red! And yes, red really does work!
  • Let good energy take root: If possible plant something outdoor, such as bulbs or a tree to get the New Year off to a healthy, vigorous start. If that’s not possible, purchase a new, healthy indoor plant.
  • Pick a corner of the house to refresh: Plan on doing some face-lift to your home to keep energy of the area fresh and vibrant. New curtains, wall color, accessories etc. or may be couple of cushions that can add comfort, ambience and symbolic of auspicious feng shui.
  • Choose one room to streamline and de-clutter: Throw away or donate as many items as you can. If you still feel motivated try another room in the house. De-clutter is important process, it may help eliminate some of your chronic stress and relieve from emotional baggage.
  • Diagram your house: With some graph paper, set out your house diagram and superimpose Ba-gua chart on that. Plan out your house feng shui and start implementing yearly cures and enhancers. Deal with weak sectors first. For more details and insight please register for our Feng Shui for the Monkey Year seminar.
  • Welcome opportunities: The front of your house is where opportunities originate. If the front of your house needs help, then chances are you might be feeling stuck or without options in your life. Be sure, steps/way that leading up to your house is free and clean and inviting. Outdoor accessories, ornaments and garden sculptures are great to harness beneficial Chi. Front lawn and shrubs are nicely manicured to add emphasis. To make give great boost to incoming energy, I would recommend you to have fresh coat of paint to your main entrance door. Further enhance it with welcoming door mat. Be creative in every way to make it look appealing brining endless opportunities on your way in coming year.
  • Three leg toad: This year the three leg toad will create wonders. Place it near entrance, inside the house facing inside as if it is entering through entrance door. It is effective enhancer this year for career and monetary gains. If you wish, you can repeat it in bedroom too.

   •     Select the right date: 8th February is the day when you should place all your yearly cures and enhancer this             year.

 If you are ready for 2016, The Year of Fire Monkey, it can be a year of dramatic achievements and rapid results. Make it your best year ever!!!

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