Wendy Yuan 1 Wendy Yuan 2 Wendy Yuan 3 Wendy Yuan 4 Wendy Yuan 5 Wendy Yuan 6Richmond: Wendy Yuan officially announced her intention to seek the Federal Liberal nomination for the new riding of Steveston-Richmond East.

“Running for the Liberal nomination is a natural extension of my long time preoccupation with volunteering and serving the community”, she said in front of a packed room full of supporters at a local Richmond  restaurant.

A statement issued by Yuan’s media office says that she  and her family have been living and working in Richmond for nearly 20 years and are currently residing in South Arm neighbourhood. She came to Canada with 50 dollars as a student from China in 1984.  She is the Founder and President of Bradley Pacific Enterprises, a Canadian export company which was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Richmond near Richmond Oval.

In the statement, Wendy claimed that she is committed to building a strong economy and working with all local stakeholders towards a long term fishery strategy.  Her other priorities will be in the area of immigration, infrastructure and democratic reform.

Yuan said, “I truly believe that I am the best candidate this diverse and growing community of Steveston Richmond East could have. I believe that my business experience, my deep roots and service in the community as well as my language skills of both Mandarin and Cantonese will give me the edge in serving the community to its fullness.”

She added, “I look forward to engaging with Liberals members in the riding and earning their support on nomination day.”

Wendy was endorsed  by many community activists and politicians alike including but not limited to Former Richmond Mayor and MLA Greg Halsey-Brandt, City Council Derek Dang and Evelina Halsey-Brandt, Michael Chiu , founding member of Richmond Sunset Rotary Club, Gunny Bains from Richmond Indo-Canadian community and so on.