April 8th gillteam classified adSurrey:  Relators Rahul and Aman Gill have sold a 1 year old single family home for record 1.1 million. This is highest sale for a home in Whalley area in recent times. In 2005-06 nobody wanted to go and live in Whalley but after the announcement of City Hall the area got noticed and since the opening of City Hall the sale has really picked up in this area, says Rahul Gill.

While speaking with Asian Journal, Rahul said, “Now more people from Burnaby and Vancouver are selling their Rahul houseold homes to buy new homes here in Whalley. The Surrey downtown core has transformed in last couple of years, it more vibrant, and lot of event activity has added to its image as good neighborhood to live and work. Mayor Watts’s decision to build City Hall here has given a news lease of life to the real estate market here.”

The home that Rahul and Aman Gill sold was bought by a Asian woman of Chinese origin, she decided to buy the house because it was near to the Sky train, SFU, Library and Central City Mall.

Prices for the Ranchers have also gone up, currently they are around 500, 000 and the area is going to see rise in Real estate prices after some of the projects  which are currently under construction in the Downtown core will get completed.